Bauclic Egger Laminate Flooring

Bauclic Laminate Flooring now available in McKay Flooring.

We have 11 products available in our new laminate flooring range:
Canadian Pine H2265 – 7mm £11.86 including vat
Beaumont Oak Antique H2016 – 7mm £11.86 including vat
V-Groove Laminate Products

Bourbon Oak Natural H2712 – 8mm £13.57 including vat
Windsor Oak Natural Planked H2613 – 8mm £13.57 including vat
Bourbon Oak Dark H2713 – 8mm £13.57 including vat
Vintage Oak H2678 – 8mm £13.57 including vat
Maple Heartwood H2542 – 8mm £13.57 including vat
Walnut La Paz H2678 – 8mm £13.57 including vat

Italian Walnut H2299 – 8mm £13.57 including vat
Brazilian Walnut H2681 – 8mm £13.57 including vat

Vintage Acacia H2643 – 8mm £13.57 including vat
Textured V-groove laminate flooring that looks like natural wood. It’s water, stain and impact resistant and is ideal for medium to heavy use
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