Whisky Barrel Cobbles

Whisky Barrel Cobbles

Whisky Barrel Cobbles

Since the introduction of our now world renowned Whisky Barrel Flooring reclaimed oak flooring we’re continued to experiment and develop additional flooring products from disused whisky casks.

The original philosophy was to extend the life of the beautiful oak barrels, that would other wise have ended up as landfill, and manufacture solid wood parquet flooring from the staves and lids. Having achieved this to much acclaim we were still left with plenty of usable prime oak  from the many staves that were unsuitable for converting into the thin flat strip flooring.  We have now introduced Whisky Barrel Cobbles to the Whisky Barrel Flooring range.

Taking inspiration from the gentle curve of the contours of a whisky barrel we noticed the likeness to traditional granite cobble sets that once paved the streets or our native Glasgow.  By cutting the staves down to hand sized blocks and applying some finishing and staining we’ve replicated the cobble look for use indoors utilising the authentic the casks cast off by the Scottish Whisky Industry.

As with our original Whisky Barrel Flooring this is a bespoke product that is produced to order. If you are interested in walking on a slice of Scottish heritage contact us to discuss your project and to order a free sample.

Tel: 0845 602 7694 for further details and sample requests.

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