Roll Out The Barrel: Whisky Flooring for the Connoisseur

This is something you don’t see every day: a floor made out of whisky barrels. The Scotch whisky industry realised it needed an eco-friendly solution to disposing of old barrels, instead of merely consigning them to landfill. Here at McKay Flooring we were happy to play our part.

Having engineered a way to make flat boards out of these beautiful oak barrels – many still with their distinctive branding – we were delighted to receive a major order within a few days to fit a whisky barrel floor in Glasgow.

We will bring you up to date with the work very soon. In the meantime, many people wonder if the flooring retains the aroma of fine malt whisky. It’s a good question and probably depends on how vivid your imagination is.

Certainly, when you press a board to your nose, you get the very pleasant smell of oak and vanilla. We can’t guarantee a more spiritual, or spirit-rich, experience than that. Come along and try it for yourself.



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  1. WANT! This looks gorgeous!

  2. Great idea, I like that!

  3. many people upcycle wine or whisky barrels but i have never seen them as flooring. very nice. love the idea.

  4. Holy Crap! this is beautiful!
    Keep that coming, I’ll order soon as I have a place worthy of those boards.

  5. How can we order these??

  6. This is a great idea! I love the product and will out a link on my site, which attracts a significant number of whiskey enthsusiasts.

    Can the floor be bought outside the UK?

  7. A very interesting concept! You can be really clever and spell words on the floor if you have the correct planks!

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